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16 Sep

TMT Bankers in Demand – Increasing Trend of using Investment bankers in Technology Deals

There is an increasing trend of using investment bankers for technology deals in India. This was shared by Fazal Ahad, co-founder Merisis Advisors in a conversation with Stuti Roy of PTI. Merisis Advisors is a leading TMT investment banking advisory firm which has carved a name for itself in a short period of time with […]

02 Aug

How startups can save their employees from the nasty side of M&As

Employees who decide to work for a startup are a different breed. They don’t work just to complete their targets, they work for their company’s growth. This growth in turn translates into their own growth, because at a startup the learning opportunities are immense and success comes quickly when grabbing such opportunities. However, uncertainty always […]

29 May

Kwench to raise $4-5 million, with eye on US market

Employee engagement firm Kwench to raise $4-5 million as it looks to enter the US market and double revenue to Rs.50 crore by March 2016. The company, which expects Rs.100 crore revenue in the next 24 months, will also expand to the UK, Europe and South-East Asia during this period, co-founder Krishnan Madhabushi said. Last month, […]

29 Nov

Investment activity in the Technology sector in 2013

Greetings for the day!! As you are probably aware, Merisis Advisors has a dedicated team focused on fund raising and M&A in the Technology sector. As part of our internal intelligence work, we spent time recently in understanding the key investment trends in the Technology sector in 2013 – with the expectation that this would […]

15 Nov

Cross Border Expertise

Merisis is now member of AICA (www.aoica.com) an integrated global network of middle-market advisory & finance firms and has access to 37 firms across 25 countries. The synergy with AICA is its Middle-Market Focus – its member firms are committed to middle market companies with enterprise value between US $5MM-$200MM. Merisis is now able to offer its […]

02 Feb

IT Services – Q3 FY 2017 Update – Merisis Advisors

This is the first of our continuing series of newsletters focused on technology services. We began our coverage at a very important inflexion point in the world economy. In 2008, the invisible hand of the market, greed, poor regulations etc. were put to blame – a lot of amorphous, complex, nebulous, anonymous causes were collectively […]