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21 Dec

Late stage funding dries up for startups

Late-stage money for many startups in the country is drying up, with Series B and C funding down about 25-30 per cent over last year, according to investment banking firm Merisis Advisors. Investors are now instead looking at more early-stage (seed and Series A) investments. “Many of the start-ups have a long gestation period and […]

08 Dec

ShopClues plans acquisition spree to accelerate expansion

Online shopping platform ShopClues.com is looking to invest close to $50 million in either buying stakes or acquiring as many as eight start-ups to accelerate expansion in India’s fast-growing e-commerce market. The company, which is in the market to raise fresh funds, has kept aside close to $20-25 million in cash for the investments. The […]

18 Nov

Venture capitalists add tough riders to fund-raising pacts

VC investors have chosen to protect their capital through downside protection clauses such as so-called liquidation preference (LP), which comes into play when a firm gets sold. Photo: iStockPhoto   Mumbai: Venture Capital (VC) funds have invested billions of dollars in Indian start-ups in the last two years, often at seemingly outlandish valuations. But as valuations […]

02 Aug

How startups can save their employees from the nasty side of M&As

Employees who decide to work for a startup are a different breed. They don’t work just to complete their targets, they work for their company’s growth. This growth in turn translates into their own growth, because at a startup the learning opportunities are immense and success comes quickly when grabbing such opportunities. However, uncertainty always […]

29 May

Kwench to raise $4-5 million, with eye on US market

Employee engagement firm Kwench to raise $4-5 million as it looks to enter the US market and double revenue to Rs.50 crore by March 2016. The company, which expects Rs.100 crore revenue in the next 24 months, will also expand to the UK, Europe and South-East Asia during this period, co-founder Krishnan Madhabushi said. Last month, […]