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02 Feb

IT Services – Q3 FY 2017 Update – Merisis Advisors

This is the first of our continuing series of newsletters focused on technology services. We began our coverage at a very important inflexion point in the world economy. In 2008, the invisible hand of the market, greed, poor regulations etc. were put to blame – a lot of amorphous, complex, nebulous, anonymous causes were collectively […]

05 Oct

Voylla.com raises $15 million from Peepul Capital

Jaipur-based fashion jewellery brand Voylla has raised $15 million (About Rs 98 crore) in funding from private equity firm, Peepul Capital. The funds will be used for brand building, expansion of the distribution network, investments in technology and enhancement of manufacturing capacity, Voylla said in a statement. Founded in 2011, Voylla manufactures and sells jewellery […]