Opportunities Fund

We believe that the Indian start-up ecosystem is characterised by the passion and vision of its founders and their earnest desire to reboot the Indian dream. That is why we have launched Merisis Venture Partners, to identify and invest in dynamic entrepreneurs with an appetite to solve fundamental problems using technology

Merisis Venture Partners provides investors with an opportunity to co-invest alongside marquee funds and to participate in the tremendous upside potential these startups offer.

Our Vision

Merisis Opportunities Fund is an angel fund investing primarily in preseries A to series B rounds alongside leading institutional investors


As a leading investment bank in the midmarket segment, we have worked with multiple companies across sectors over the past decade. These companies’ ability to scale provides investors with an opportunity to achieve substantial returns.


With over a decade of experience in investment banking, we have developed a strong network of start-up founders and premier investors providing us with access to exclusive deals.


Our skilled management team has developed a strong understanding across various sectors allowing us to identify exceptional opportunities early on.

Why Merisis?

Strong Track Record – Fundraising and M&A

The Opportunity

  • Merisis’ clients have given their investors stellar returns on their investments
  • There is an opportunity for Merisis to participate in its own deals and make this return
  • This is a risk-mitigated opportunity to invest alongside leading institutional investors in new age companies

Our Deals

Merisis’ clients have delivered significant ROIs to their investors

13.1x ROI

8.9x ROI

5.4x ROI

11.1x ROI

4.9x ROI

1.6x ROI

2x ROI

Fund Snapshot

Deal Size: ₹ 1 – 5 cr
Hurdle Rate: 8% IRR
Merisis Commitment: ₹ 2 crore initial
Fund Size: ₹ ~50 crore
Fund Investment Period & Life: 4 years and 8 years
Number of Deals: 15 – 20 deals
Fund Structure: AIF Category 1 Angel Fund
Merisis Fees: 2% Management Fees and 20% Carry

Fund Strategy


Opportunity Range

  • Opportunities would range from pre-series A to Series B rounds
  • Investment Range: INR 1cr for pre-series A companies and up to INR 5cr
    for series B companies

Aim of Investments

  • The fund will follow an investment strategy of investing 60% initially in companies and remaining 40% will be kept for pro rata rights in select few investment

Participation along with an external fundraise

  • Investments would typically be along with an external fund raise that is planned by the company

Advantage for Investors

Mature Companies

Mature Companies

Investments in vetted, risk-mitigated quality deals ranging from pre-series A to series B with opportunities for follow on investments

Active Participation

Active Participation

Merisis’ active involvement with startups and founders through fundraising to exit

Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals

With Merisis, investors can get access to deals that are otherwise not available in the market.

Mitigating Risk

Mitigating Risk

Investments in more mature companies produce a more calibrated risk-return profile. Investing alongside marquee funds provides further risk mitigation

Flexibility for Investors

Flexibility for Investors

Investors have the flexibility to choose investments of their choice – i.e an opt in based structure by deal

Merisis Commitment

Merisis Commitment

Merisis has commited INR 2cr to the fund and will invest in each deal.

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